Sunday, 23 September 2012


To learn a new language, you need someone to talk to, and often you'll meet someone new.  More than anything else, you've got be relaxed in the classroom. So, let's break the ice and have a look at the different ways of greeting.

When saying hello & good-bye for the first time, what do you normally do?

When people meet, they should shake hands, smile and say: I'm ... (name). Nice to meet you.


Hello (name of the person)

Nice to meet you again. How are things?



Pleased to meet you.

Nice to meet you.

How do you do?

A handshake

A hug


Tap on one's back

Make eye contact with the other person

Hold the handshake for a few seconds


- Hello
   How are you?

- I'm fine thank you. And you?
- Not bad, thanks.

- Goodbye!. Have a nice day.
- See you this morning!

- I'm sorry I'm late.
- I'm sorry.
- Excuse me!
- Don't worry.
- That's ok.
- Really?
- It doesn't matter.

As you can see above, you've got plenty of examples to practise all through this post. So, now it's your turn to grab a classmate and put your greetings into practice. Let's get it started!

For more videos like this one, please click on here.

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Finally, in oder to assimilate all these common expressions, I think it would a good idea to record your final preformances about greeting each other and decide the best introduction or greeting ever. The winner will win the opportunity to get his or her greeting uploaded as a podcast through this same blog. How do you feel about it? Please feel free to leave your comments. So, let's greet all day long!

'Well-done!' for  three students of mine. They wrote a short dialogue presentation and this is their recording from the classroom. Enjoy it! and thank you very much for your contributions: Miriam, Oscarina and Berta. What a great job!

For further and intermediate or advanced expressions about Essential Social English, please feel free to listen to the following podcast by teacher Luke, but please do not panic, you're not supposed to understand every single word. (Transcript)

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