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Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Who's expected to shoulder all the blame for the Crisis?

Well, hard to answer, isn't it? TIME's magazine has just published an article about the top 25 people to blame for the financial crisis, trying to find out a little bit more about the same issue. However, this is simply an excuse for me to make you think about a controversial topic and then you'll hopefully have a go and practise your English Writing with this simple writing Task.

After having written about the economic Crisis, are you able to shed some light on the problem by any chance? If not, you could try to think about a country like Iceland.

Finally, this is a good explanation for the Crisis:

Wednesday, 1 February 2012

cannot or can not?

Oh! my goodness! What's wrong now? Simmer down, Danny. It's only students, asking about Grammar Rules. They are a bit obsessed with them lately. So, if you tell learners what's right or wrong between cannot and can not, their data will never be changed. Therefore, be careful with your answer. 

Ok, then, I'll tell you what: I was taught at the EOI too, and my former teachers told me to write cannot as a single word. Later on, as I became a teacher, one of my first students at a Secondary School disagreed with me about this grammar point. Oh, dear! Well, then with more experience as a teacher at the EOI, my students are still wondering about the same thing: cannot or can not, for goodness' sake!

Finally, here's a whole forum about the same topic. Ok, dear learners, I think it's time for you to read the forum and reflect upon it for a while for a change.