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Thursday, 27 December 2012

English Verb Tenses

Verb Tenses are extremely important to understand the English Language. They are different from the Spanish ones. So, we'd better think about the English grammar, rather than comparing both languages, or assuming that English will be the same as our own language.

Therefore, here's a site for you to practise English Verb tenses from the beginning to the end. To sum-up, there're basically three points to take into account: 1st Think about the English grammar, 2nd apply common sense and 3rd do not translate every single word into your own language.

Irregular verbs, Irregular verbs for Intermediate

Verb Tenses for Basic 1: To beDo, don'tto be, (Present Simple), Present Simple theory and practice, [to be Going to Practice 1, 2, 3 ], [There is / there are Practice 1, 2, 3,]

Verb Tenses for Basic 2: Past tense: 1, 2 Present Perfect (Zara and the Present Perfect), Future (will vs be going to), Past Simple (Grammar & Practice, Bingo, irregular verbs)

Irregular verbs with interactive pronunciation: English irregular verbs. 1/6: Infinitive (To) Simple past Past participle Arise Arose Arisen Awake Awoke Awoken Be Was/Were / Been Bear Bore Borne/Born / Beat Beat Beaten...

Verb Tenses for Intermediate 1: The Perfect Tenses

Verb Tenses for Intermediate 2:

Verb Tenses for Advanced 1:

Verb Tenses for Advanced 2:

Expressing Future actions

I hope you find these grammatical activities and explanations useful for your English.

Still interested in Basic Grammar, you could have a look at these two short and simple grammar e-books by  (Basic 1Basic 2), but please remember that they are not complete, simply because it's Basic Level, that is, not every single grammar exception.

Enjoy these verbs with The Pink Panther:

Find more videos like this on EFL CLASSROOM 2.0

YouTube videos on verb tenses

Tuesday, 18 December 2012

Language Education

Are you interested in Language learning? If you are reading this, you'll probably be aware of the different ways of learning a language. However, this is more like what you are able to do with what you know. No matter how full your mind is (language contents such as grammar, vocabulary, phonetics and so on). What really matters is what you can do with these language contents. 

If you agree with some of the words above, I think you should have a look at these Quotations on Education

What's your favourite quotation? Please let me know about it and leave a comment below.

Sunday, 2 December 2012

English Modal verbs

In English we use Modal Verbs and in Spanish we use perífrasis verbales. So far, so good, but...

Are you still going to compare both languages every now and then? I mean, would you like English Modal verbs  to be like Spanish perífrasis verbales

Of course, you do. Come on, don't be silly and wake up: Languages are completely different, they are not normal at all. They are just great! Enjoy the video below:

If you don't agree with the video above, please go to this link.


If you do agree with the video, you'll get much practice here.

What are the main differences between both links above? You can write the answer by leaving a comment for this post.

 Thanks for your kind attention.  

Saturday, 1 December 2012

Christmas around the World

The Three Wise Men according to Wikipedia.

Christmas is coming and I'd like to know how you celebrate this festivity. There are many different traditions all over the world and that's nice. So, let's discuss about different traditions at Christmas.

How do you spend Xmas at home? Anything special? Please, let us know and leave a comment about your customs.

For further information about Christmas time, click on here.
Now, let's sing some Christmas Carols. Would you like to sing a special Christmas Carol? Which one? Here are some for you all:
 Deck the Halls
Jingle Bell Rock
Jingle Bell
Silent Night
Silent Night by Beyoncé
Silent Night by Michael Bublé
Let it snow by Michael Bublé
 Let it snow by Frank Sinatra
12 Days of Christmas
Happy Xmas by John Lennon 
Joy to the World
Rudolf the Red-Nosed Reindeer
The First Noel
Winter wonderland 
White Christmas 
While Shepherds Watched Their Flocks 
What Child Is This? 
The Wexford Carol 
We Three Kings of Orient Are
We Wish You a Merry Christmas 
Oh Holy Night
O Come All Ye Faithful 
What Christmas means 
Please Come Home for Christmas 
More Carols 

Last Christmas by George Michael (Spanish lyrics)
Is this song really about Christmas? Well, it isn't. Actually, what is it about so? You could write your answer by leaving a comment for this post below.

What about this Xmas song? Do you know any other artist who sings the same song?

Christmas vocabulary (1, 2, ), special dates and traditions.

Christmas vocabulary doc

Christmas Flashcards

Xmas wordsearch (1, 2)

Christmas board game for Basic 2 (poster)

Christmas Winter Quiz for Basic 2

Santa Questions about Xmas for Basic 2

Winter questions_Christmas for Basic 2

How to make Christmas Crackers

How to make a Christmas pudding

How to make Christmas Brownies

Would you sit on Santa Claus' lap like this?

Have you ever received candy coal at Christmas?

Come on! Let's join a Christmas Quiz! Yes, why not?  

Now it's time for some current songs about Xmas:

And finally, here are my Christmas gifts for all my dear students. Some Xmas cards. Enjoy them! Happy Christmas!

English through Games

Do you like word games? I'm sure you do and perhaps you sometimes do a sopa de letras or crucigrama, don't you?

Ok, now it's time to play these games in English. How do you feel about it?

Come on, don't be shy and have a go. There are thousands of games for you to enjoy all day long. 

Games for Basic 1:

Games for Basic 2:
A Game of Parts, Blind Date, Crazy Cans, Let's go together, Twenty-one (Present and Past simple_common verbs)
Games for Intermediate 1:
Spinning ideas

Games for Intermediate 2:

Games for Advanced 1:
Tough luck!Professor Layton

Games for Advanced 2: 
Xincana das Linguas

100 ESL Games

Treasure Hunts
Treasure Hunts through YouTube

Uno Card Game 
Youtube games 

More English through games.