Monday, 29 October 2012


Halloween is coming and I wonder if you usually celebrate such a famous festivity in your town. 

Halloween is also very well-known in Galicia, so let's go trick-or-treating all day long, but before that,  we could know a bit more about this ancient celebration through the following basic text with its audio below. Then, you could also have a look at  this advanced task about the history of Halloween by the BBC.

How to make a Pumpkin Witch

YouTube videos about Halloween 

More about Happy Halloween!

Pumpkin Pie recipe. Yummy!

Do you like scary stories? Have you ever written one? Here's mine, which is entitled One Halloween Night. Now, it's time for writing your spooky story.

EOI Monforte Halloween 2015 contest Photo album

This year, 2013,  we're trying to carve some Pumpkins and then, we'll do a little contest in our school. Here're some photos for you to have a look. Any other ideas about Halloween? Enjoy Halloween and Samaín traditions:

10+ Halloween Activities to Engage Learners from Shelly Terrell

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