Saturday, 1 December 2012

English through Games

Do you like word games? I'm sure you do and perhaps you sometimes do a sopa de letras or crucigrama, don't you?

Ok, now it's time to play these games in English. How do you feel about it?

Come on, don't be shy and have a go. There are thousands of games for you to enjoy all day long. 

Games for Basic 1:

Games for Basic 2:
A Game of Parts, Blind Date, Crazy Cans, Let's go together, Twenty-one (Present and Past simple_common verbs)
Games for Intermediate 1:
Spinning ideas

Games for Intermediate 2:

Games for Advanced 1:
Tough luck!Professor Layton

Games for Advanced 2: 
Xincana das Linguas

100 ESL Games

Treasure Hunts
Treasure Hunts through YouTube

Uno Card Game 
Youtube games 

More English through games.

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