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Thursday, 27 December 2012

English Verb Tenses

Verb Tenses are extremely important to understand the English Language. They are different from the Spanish ones. So, we'd better think about the English grammar, rather than comparing both languages, or assuming that English will be the same as our own language.

Therefore, here's a site for you to practise English Verb tenses from the beginning to the end. To sum-up, there're basically three points to take into account: 1st Think about the English grammar, 2nd apply common sense and 3rd do not translate every single word into your own language.

Irregular verbs, Irregular verbs for Intermediate

Verb Tenses for Basic 1: To beDo, don'tto be, (Present Simple), Present Simple theory and practice, [to be Going to Practice 1, 2, 3 ], [There is / there are Practice 1, 2, 3,]

Verb Tenses for Basic 2: Past tense: 1, 2 Present Perfect (Zara and the Present Perfect), Future (will vs be going to), Past Simple (Grammar & Practice, Bingo, irregular verbs)

Irregular verbs with interactive pronunciation: English irregular verbs. 1/6: Infinitive (To) Simple past Past participle Arise Arose Arisen Awake Awoke Awoken Be Was/Were / Been Bear Bore Borne/Born / Beat Beat Beaten...

Verb Tenses for Intermediate 1: The Perfect Tenses

Verb Tenses for Intermediate 2:

Verb Tenses for Advanced 1:

Verb Tenses for Advanced 2:

Expressing Future actions

I hope you find these grammatical activities and explanations useful for your English.

Still interested in Basic Grammar, you could have a look at these two short and simple grammar e-books by  (Basic 1Basic 2), but please remember that they are not complete, simply because it's Basic Level, that is, not every single grammar exception.

Enjoy these verbs with The Pink Panther:

Find more videos like this on EFL CLASSROOM 2.0

YouTube videos on verb tenses

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